A significant number of our neighbors in Southern Cayuga County struggle with food insecurity on a daily basis — they are unsure where their future meals will come from.

Often, this leads families to choose between sufficient food and other expenses such as rent, heat and medical care.

The King Ferry Food Pantry is committed to ensuring our neighbors do not go hungry.

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No one should go hungry

About The King Ferry Food Pantry

Our Mission

The mission of the King Ferry Food Pantry is to provide access to healthy food and resources for our neighbors in need.

Our Vision

King Ferry Food Pantry envisions a community where individuals are empowered through access to healthy food, education, and resources.

Our Values

King Ferry Food Pantry believes that food is a basic human right and is committed to providing access to healthy food and resources for our neighbors in need. We want to assist those who are most vulnerable to poverty and hunger to not merely survive, but to thrive in our community. We embrace these values:

Culture of Collaboration and Excellence

We are committed to providing an environment in which everyone shares a sense of belonging. We bring together a diverse group of community members and partners who share our vision of a healthy, hunger-free community. We honor these relationships by fostering trust, respect, and good will at the highest level of professional excellence as we work to accomplish our mission.

Dedication to Diversity and Equity

We respect the inherent worth and dignity of every person in our community. We look beyond social categorizations and embrace diversity of thought and perspective that comes from lived experiences of people from different backgrounds. Aspects of shared values and life experiences have a meaningful place and by providing services through an equity lens, we level the playing field for our most vulnerable neighbors.

Quality Leadership and Staff

We value our staff and volunteers’ diverse talents, backgrounds, passion, and commitment to our neighbors who are food insecure. We seek to continuously improve services provided for our clients through excellent leadership, creativity, innovation, and the sharing of expertise with the goal of a healthy, hunger-free community.

Respect and Dignity

We embrace a culture of inclusiveness. We respect the intrinsic dignity and innate worth of all people and reflect that respect in every interaction. We provide services in a way that treats our clients as neighbors and friends.

Stewardship and Accountability

We are committed to responsible stewardship of the time our stakeholders give us, the talents they share with us, and the funds they invest in us. We hold ourselves accountable for enhancing our services to achieve the greatest impact through the efficient, honest, transparent, and responsible use of the resources generously entrusted us.

Our History

In 1996 the Social Ministry Committee of the Cayuga Team Ministry Cluster (later named Good Shepherd Catholic Community) began outreach to seasonal neighbors living at a local migrant labor camp. As part of this mission work, the Migrant Farm Worker Food Pantry was started to serve those at the labor camp. In 2009 the food pantry name changed to King Ferry Food Pantry as the pantry expanded to serve the larger community needs. Good Shepherd Catholic Community supported our work by providing the 501(c)3 under which the pantry operated, and provided space for the pantry site.

In 2016 the pantry became an independent nonprofit 501(c)3 corporation overseen by a community board of directors, operating with a core group of 60-70 volunteers who share a commitment and passion for feeding our neighbors in need. Driven by need, the pantry moved into a larger facility and expanded services to better meet the needs of our community. Community generosity of food and finances over the years has enabled the pantry to keep up with the increasing needs. Good stewardship of resources allows the pantry to operate efficiently with support from community friends and supporters, and various grants

We receive and collect donated food from local grocery stores, the Food Bank of Central New York, and local food producers. We sort, organize, store and distribute food for clients. Our services are provided at no charge to low-income families living in the Southern Cayuga School District.

Hours & Location

The food pantry is located at 2384 State Route 34B Aurora, New York.

Southern Cayuga High School Ag Wing

We are open on the first and third Saturdays of the month from 9:00 am until Noon.

No appointment is necessary.

Frequently Asked Questions

Food Pantry Eligiblity

  • New clients are asked to bring proof of address, to confirm their residency in our geographic service region (Southern Cayuga School District).

    Examples of proof of address include: first class mail postmarked within the past 30 days, utility bill, rent receipt or lease, mortgage or tax bill, school correspondence, or SNAP benefit statement.
  • The TEFAP-INTAKE form, which can be downloaded here: Intake Form . Or you can fill it out on your first visit at the Food Pantry.
  • No. If you need food, we are here to help. In signing the self-certification, you only need to know your household income, not show proof.

    Households receiving any of these benefits are automatically income-eligible for the food pantry: SNAP, WIC, TANF, Unemployment, Disability, SSI, Free/Reduced Lunch.
  • Foods from the main five food groups are available at the pantry on a regular basis – Vegetables, Fruits, Grains, Protein and Dairy.

  • Yes, we often have both personal care and household products.
  • We honor our clients' privacy. Client Information is subject to strict confidentiality guidelines. All of our food pantry staff and volunteers have agreed to these confidentiality guidelines.
  • The Food Pantry is open on the first and third Saturdays from 9:00 am until Noon. No appointment is necessary. Or you may call (315) 497-2049 for an appointment.
  • Anytime after 8:45am and prior to Noon. There will always be a wide variety of food available for you to select from!
  • An adult member of the household that is listed on the registration form.

Staff & Board of Directors

Debbie Patrick

Executive Director

Carin Townsend Kopp


Janet Heslop

Vice President

John Dentes


Dorothy Ainsworth


Jim Burkett

Past President

Bridget Brown

Board of Directors

Elaine Meyers

Director of Healthy Bodies Strong Minds

Bill Speck

Compliance Coordinator

Want to help your neighbors?

Volunteer @ KFFP

Ways you can help!

  • Donate
  • Greet clients
  • Be a shopping assistant
  • Stock shelves
  • Pick up orders from retailers and donors
  • Language translation – in person and in writing
  • Serve on one of our standing committees

The majority of our volunteer work is suitable for adults (age 17 and older).

There are limited opportunities for youth under age 17 to volunteer. Best outcomes are achieved when teenage applicants work alongside a parent or guardian who are food pantry volunteers. On occasion, arrangements can be made for students to volunteer who need volunteer service hours.

Reasons you should volunteer!

  • Be of service to others
  • Have fun through social interaction
  • Put beliefs into action
  • Gain a sense of giving back
  • Making a postive contribution to our community
  • Insight into problems of waste, hunger, & poverty
  • Download an adult application or a youth application

We welcome your involvement and support! Those wishing to volunteer can download an adult application here and a youth application here.
Mail completed applications to: King Ferry Food Pantry P.O. Box 242 King Ferry, NY 13081

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